Terradura is the smallest of the three hill villages of Ascea, in Cilento, in the province of Salerno. Ideal for those who love peace and quiet, the small and ancient village has developed over the centuries around the parish church of San Michele Arcangelo. Today it has about 100 inhabitants.

Terradura: the relaxation and tranquility of the hills with the sea not far away

Staying in Terradura in one of the apartments or holiday houses of the village or its surroundings allows you to immerse yourself in a unique and relaxing atmosphere among the gentle Cilento hills, in the splendid vegetation of the Mediterranean scrub.

Silence and peace dominate the village of Terradura, from which you can admire the splendid panorama with a view towards the sea and the Gulf of Velia; a few kilometers away, by car, it is also possible to reach the splendid beaches of Ascea Marina and other areas where you can enjoy the clear sea of ??Cilento.

The distances from Terradura to reach the sea and the most beautiful beaches of Cilento

Those who love the sea can easily reach the most beautiful coves and beaches of Cilento, many of which have been awarded with the recognition of the Blue Flag of the FEE and the Five Sails of Legambiente: the fraction of Terradura di Ascea is in fact only 7 km from the beaches of Ascea Marina. Continuing south, you can easily reach Marina di Pisciotta (22 km), Palinuro (29 km), Marina di Camerota (40 km) and Scario (45 km).

In the opposite direction, going up the coast towards Salerno, you arrive at Marina di Casal Velino (23 km), Pioppi (27 km) and Acciaroli (33 km), up to Santa Maria di Castellabate (55 km) and Agropoli (46 km).

Terradura and the authentic Cilento

In the tranquility of the Cilento village, the guest can discover the authentic Cilento through food and wine experiences related to the Mediterranean Diet, hiking, cycling itineraries and many truly unique activities.

Terradura di Ascea - historical notes
Terradura is so named for the particular physical characteristics of the soil. Casale of the "state" of Castellammare della Bruca always followed its fate: in 1415 the descendants of Andrea and Boffilo del Giudice, lords of Capaccio, sold the fiefdom that included Ascea, Terradura and Catona to Francesco Capano; later it was sold to Francesco Sanseverino, count of Lauria, duke of Scalea and baron of Cuccaro.

The fiefdom was later donated by Count Sanseverino to the Santa Casa dell'Annunziata in Naples, whose bank, after the well-known events, failed, so the fiefdom of Castellammare della Bruca with Ascea, Catona, Vallo di Novi and Terradura was bought by Stefano Maresca of Ascea.
It should be noted that, in the valley bottom, the Bruca stream flows, which took its name from the wood from which it descends; S. Mauro (della Bruca) also took its name from the wood. The village of Castellammare, feudal seat, was referred to as 'della Bruca' for the flumarella (now of S. Barbara) that lapped the walls of the ancient polis.

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